I am Kiara! 
She'sKiara, Nala and Simba's daughter!  
  KiaraKiara, that's the name that her parents gave her as a baby. Her parents are Queen and King, Nala and Simba! The character Kiara's is a beautiful, strong hearted lioness cub! It is clearly visible that she's the daughter of the main characters from the Lion King. She's always fun! And if there is something she really does NOT want to be, then it's being Queen. 
  Kiara in the mirrorAs Kiara grows up, she slowly begins to understand her situation. Her parents teach her that being Queen can be fun, too! But more importantly, she will sometime, sometime far in the future or tomorrow, lose her parents. The Circle of Life, Simba tells her, must go on.  
  Kiara for the throne! Long Live the new queen!Soon, in the storyline of the sequel to the Lion King "Simba's Pride", she meets a true friend: Kovu!  They play together all the time, visit all the possible and impossible places that are fun to visit. Until real poblems invade their wonderful lifes. Zira shows up. She is the mother of Kovu, and Scar's Widow. Now, if you ever wondered if Scar could have had a nice future, the answer is yes. 
  Kiara, Kovu's LoveKovu and Kiara may eventually fall in real Love sometime. But as Zira and Simba meet and start their personal little war - Zira wanting to avenge Scar's death and pulling Kovu into it, Simba not wanting Zira and her son on his lands - not to speak of allowing Kovu to have a friendship with his daughter. And so, the parent's conflicts endanger the future of their cubs life. 
  Rafiki welcomes the new queenNot much is known among the fans about Kiara, yet. Every information will be here once I know more. Kiara seems to be a very happy cub with her parents, and in the Spoilers shown on TV and video we know that she loves her father Simba very much. As Kovu loves his mother. That makes it easier, unwanted but easier for their parents to put the cubs into the middle off their fight. Kiara will be seen both as cub and grown up in Simba's Pride. It will be the story of her life, too. 
  Kiara looks so much like Nala, and a tiny bit like Simba. Her fur is of the same beautiful milky vanilla color. Her ears could be Nala's, and her eyes have some features of both Nala and Simba. Those are Kiara's eyes! Being really playful she's just the right friend for somebody who never wants to get bored!! She will live, love and play only in the sequel to the Lion King "Simba's Pride.". Some fans of the Lion King already wonder if there will be another sequel. I believe that is very possible. Let us encourage those artists and story tellers at Disney to put Love in it.