Call me Simba!
Simba the Lion! The new King.
Yeeeeah! =)He is one playful and happy cub! Being Sarabi and Mufasa's son, he is supposed to become the future King of the Pride Lands. We see him ... as newborn cub... as curious young lion, and as grown up and proud King. He never experienced something really bad... until Scar, Mufasa's envious brother plans the death of the King and any followers. Before that happened Simba had a wonderful cubood. Together with his best friend Nala he seeks (and finds) in and out of great adventures and troubles! He's the other part of the dynamoc duo, of the troublemakers! =)
I'm brave...!Simba is a strong Lion - or going to be one. At least he tries to be much like his father Mufasa. Not as strong, not quite as brave as his father but still a very proud little cub that accepts even the silliest challenges =) ! Mufasa and Sarabi are cool parents! =) They are sometimes a tad stressed with Simba but care  lovingly for him, play with him whenever he wants! 
I wanna play with you dad! Wake up!Well, not quite whenever he wants, but most of the time. And if nothing helps he would just steal himself away to find Nala and go on another trip with her instead. Of couse, Mufasa and Sarabi aren't too fond of that. They worry for Simba when he is gone, and keep watching out for his well being. Even Scar... well, that's what he tells Simba.
As early as possible, Simba learns about pouncing from his father. Weelll, too late! Nala sure was faster! =) That's why she and him keep pouncing each other. And that's why Nala always wins.

Stargazing friends. Pumbaa, Simba and Timon.Later, when Scar destroys their beautiful life, and makes Simba feel almost like a murderer, Simba's personality changes. Simba runs panicked away from his home. Feeling guilty .Together with his friends Timon & Pumbaa he learns some philosophy. Hakuna Matata. Two of the most beautiful words! Other things that Simba learns at that time: Eat lotsa bugs! And have a fun time! =)

The symbolic Circle of Life...Simba spends a long time with his new friends, and ... one day he has become a beautiful and strong young Lion. But it's like he doesn't take any notice of that, and continues to be a cub inside his heart. That alone would be very okay, but Simba also forgot himself, forgot his past. Not entirely so, but it seems like he wants to forget the day when he was running away from home. 
Simba and Nala Love each other...And finally Nala finds Simba. They fall in Loove... purr =). It makes Simba thoughtful, and now that Nala told him her part of the story, he realizes that something with Scar ... isn't right. Only the appearance of his father can convince Simba not to forget his whole past.  And together, Simba with Nala ... and Timon and Pumbaa leave the jungle... and go back to Pride Rock to challenge Scar. A new time begins for Simba and Nala. They continue the Circle of Life!