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02/03/2019 - Character Merchandise Designs

Via Charlie Quigg, fyrTV has a video showcasing a number of upcoming merchandise items featuring a lot of the characters we haven't yet seen in the teaser trailer.

The artwork on these backpacks, folders, and other merch items are in a hybrid 2D/3D style, so they're not wholly representative of how the characters will look in the movie; but for now it's the closest look we've had at Scar, Nala, Pumbaa, and Mufasa.

01/12/2019 - "Shadowland" demo by Beyoncé

Via Jaime, here's a demo by Beyoncé of the song "Shadowland", which will be in the upcoming live-action movie (or at least on the soundtrack):

"Shadowland" is based on Hans Zimmer/Lebo M's song "Lea Halalela" from Rhythm of the Pride lands, originally performed in Zulu by Khululiwe Sithole; it was redeveloped as an English-language song for the TLK Broadway Musical by Lebo M and Mark Mancina.

11/22/2018 - TLK Live-Action: Teaser Trailer

It's here!

11/18/2018 - Rumor: New "White Lion" Look for Scar

Via Charlie Quigg:

Disney’s reimagining of The Lion King is deep into production and if you were lucky enough to see the footage from last years D23 Expo then you know the films characters will have a familiar to them, except one fan favorite character.

We have exclusively learned from a source close to the project that the film’s villain Scar is expected to have a new look to him.

According to our source, The studio is considering making Scar a rare white lion with a weak/frail look to him, the idea is to give Scar a much different look from the rest of the lions in the film(Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Serabi). This would be drastically different from the dark orange and black we know from the classic animated film.

It should be noted that this is what is being considered and things can easily change in post-production.


07/12/2018 - Live-Action Mufasa Spotted

UPDATE: Word is that this tweet is fake—the lion isn't Mufasa, but rather from an upcoming Ghost and the Darkness remake.

This is all rumormongering at this time, so take both the claim and the retraction as unconfirmed.


Via Charlie Quigg, we've got our first look at Mufasa in the upcoming Lion King live-action reboot:

https://twitter.com/nerdy_basement/status/1016370333413191680 for more pictures.

Wow! It'll be interesting to see how this lion looks in motion. Certainly not a trace of "cartooniness" in this design. One wonders how much characterization and differentiation can be brought out in such a naturalistic model. Seems to be about how I'd picture a real-life Mufasa to look in any case!

02/15/2018 - Elton John Returns to TLK, With Beyonce

Charlie Quigg sends this news nugget, which will likely excite those of us encouraged by all the old names returning from the original:


Sir Elton John has confirmed he’s gone back to his Lion King roots and will work on the soundtrack for the remake.

Speaking to The Sun, he said he was heading back into the studio to help create a new end credits song for the 2019 film that will star Beyonce, Donald Glover and Seth Rogen.

The 70-year-old said: ‘They need to have a new end credits song. There’s going to be four of our songs in the film, from the original: Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Hakuna Matata, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King and Circle of Life.

‘And then there will be an end, closing song, and we’ve been speaking to Beyoncé’s people and hopefully Tim [Rice] and I and her can cook up something.

The Rocket Man added: ‘It will be great to work with her. So we will see.’

11/01/2017 - Hans Zimmer Returns

Not only has the full cast of the remake dropped today, we've also got word that Hans Zimmer will be back to do the score!


Disney confirmed the Oscar-winning composer will be back in an official press release. Zimmer is responsible for several iconic and easy to pick out scores, so it is no surprise he is coming back for the live-action tale. Considering how well-known his original themes – like ‘This Land,’ ‘…To Die For,’ ‘Under the Stars,’ and ‘King of Pride Rock’ – are, it will be expected that they are featured again, along with presumably a few other new themes.

Zimmer’s score is one piece to The Lion King‘s renowned soundtrack, and rumor has it Beyoncé will do the soundtrack this time around. The combination of Beyoncé and Zimmer would be a formidable pairing and would all but guarantee The Lion King will sound incredible, along with having stunning visuals. Both parties should have creative freedom to add new moments for the live-action take, but the D23 footage also guarantees Favreau is looking to stick close to the original material when possible.

Considering that the TLK score was what got me interested in film soundtracks to begin with, this one is particularly, well, music to my ears.

11/01/2017 - Full TLK Live-Action Cast Revealed

The full cast for the new live-action remake has been revealed, and wow there are some pretty impressive names in the list.


Disney has officially revealed the the full The Lion King remake cast, finally confirming that Beyoncé Knowles-Carter will play Nala alongside Donald Glover‘s Simba. That duo is surrounded by a murderer’s row of talent, with names both obvious and surprising taking on this cast of beloved characters.

Look at this list of names: Donald Glover as Simba, Beyonce Knowles-Carter as Nala, James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa, Chietwel Ejiofor as Scar, Alfre Woodard as Sarabi, John Oliver as Zazu, John Kane as Rafiki, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, Billy Eichner as Timon, Eric Andre as Azizi, Florence Karumba as Shenzi, and Keegan-Michael Key as Kamari. Look, I’m as skeptical as anyone when it comes to a “live-action” remake of The Lion King, but all of those names in one cast list is more than enough get me interested.

This announcement comes with some tantalizing hints at changes to the story, what with named characters we've never heard of before—Azizi and Kamari—as well as a targeted release date of summer 2019.

Thanks to Charlie for the tip!

10/30/2017 - Robert Guillaume

Robert Guillaume might have been best known to the world as the star of TV shows such as "Soap", "Benson", and "Sports Night", but we in the TLK fandom know him as the original and best recognized voice of Rafiki.

Only the second of the original cast to leave us (after Madge Sinclair, Sarabi), Guillaume had a long and illustrious career spanning from stage to screen to the sung and spoken word. He won two Emmy awards for his work in his signature sitcoms, as well as a Grammy for a spoken-word adaptation of The Lion King, and was nominated for numerous other Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe awards.

Guillaume passed away at age 89 at his home in Los Angeles.

08/07/2017 - Captain America Stars Join Cast as Rafiki and Sarabi

Two more additions to the cast of the live-action TLK: John Kani as Rafiki and Alfre Woodard as Sarabi!


Starting with Rafiki, The Wrap is reporting that John Kani, who played Black Panther's father King T'Chaka in Captain America: Civil War, will voice the baboon in this live-action version of The Lion King. Robert Guillaume voice the character in the original and is one of the most important supporting characters in the story. Rafiki is probably most remembered for his iconic moment holding up Simba to the crowd at Pride Rock in the beginning of the movie, a sequence that we know will be retold faithfully in this version of The Lion King thanks to some footage that was shown at Disney's D23 Expo.

Next up, The Hollywood Reporter says that Oscar-nominee Alfre Woodard has been cast as Sarabi in The Lion King remake. In Captain America: Civil War, she played the mother that confronted Tony Stark about her son that was killed during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The role of Sarabi was originally voiced by Madge Sinclair. Sarabi did not have an overly large role in the original movie, but as Simba's mom, the role is a very important one. In any case, a very talented and respected actress is playing the part this time around.

Thanks again to Charlie!

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