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TLK Interactive

The fan following of The Lion King is truly vast. Why not share your TLK experience with others who love the movie just as much? There are several ways of doing so.

The Lion King Discussion Forum

   For real-time discussion and role-play in a web-based threaded forum, check this out. Formerly a part of itself, the Forum is now hosted at

Other Discussion Forums:

The Lion King Mailing List

   The TLK-L is the liveliest forum for discussion of The Lion King. This is a very high-traffic mailing list, often with over 100 messages per day, so be warned if you have a sensitive mailbox. Topics range from Nala's parentage to Timon's personal history to merchandise trading, and a lot of orginal fan-fiction and artwork is released here first.

Visit the TLK-L Home Page for subscription information and profiles of participants.

The Newsgroup
   The official TLK fan newsgroup still has good traffic, since it receives crossposted messages from the TLK Mailing List (above).

Role-Playing Environments

MUCKs are multi-player roleplaying/chat systems where you take on the persona of a character in a particular universe and interact with other characters. There are several of these systems based upon the Lion King universe:

SystemTelnet Address & Port
The Lion King MUCK 7675
BusaMUCK 8888
Life in the Savannah Muck 11000
Sunrise MUCK 9999
Sacred Stars MUCK 1994
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride MUCK 4545
For a probably more accurate listing of current mucks (including their status), please see

Chat Rooms & Web-Based RPGs

IRC Channels

   The largest and most general TLK channel.
   Inhabitants of the TLK Mailing List.
   Discussion of TLK 2: Simba's Pride.
   More Lion King discussion.

EFNet Servers:
FurNet Servers:

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