SimbaW's archive

I was cleaning out my computer when I started to come across a set of very old files.  Stories, poems, essays...thoughts that I had put down into words so long ago and had simply forgotten.  My first inclination was to delete them as I had so many other things, but I found that I could not.  There was meaning here, history and memories that didn't belong in the trash can.  Instead of letting them disappear into the darkness of history, I've reformatted them and posted them here.

I don't claim that any of these are 'good'.  I don't claim that any of these are 'bad'.  All I claim is that, in no small way, The Lion King touched me.  It inspired me to create the things I am creating today.  These pieces are presented in their original form with no editing and no alterations.  If you have comments, then email them to and I will be happy to answer.  If you are interested in seeing my current project which happens to be non-TLK, then follow to catch up.

There was a time when I didn't need to mention credit in a story, but TLK fans have become so ambitious in their collection of things that they often do not realize that they are stealing other's works.  These are posted under the condition that you do not repost them anywhere else, link them anywhere else, print them anywhere else, etc.  Leave them here in this archive for all to see, and if you really want them to see it, then just tell them the URL.  There's no need to steal.

I hope that these stories find a home in someone's heart, as much as they are a home in mine.


Stories Poetry Essays
The Comeback The Chase Pride Rock Reflections
A Story Conquest How it feels to be TLK me
Have Faith To the Lioness of my Dreams Fire in the Pridelands
It's Called Grieving Isn't She Lovely  
You Never Know Promontory Preparations Special
Under the Stars Savanna Ages Foreword
Just a Haunch The Lion Marches On The Adventures of the TLK - Team 1
Wisdom Two Sides, One Answer The Adventures of the TLK-Team 2
It Will not Last Forever   The Adventures of the TLK-Team 3
Fond Memories   The Adventures of the TLK-Team 4